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This report will show you the top companies that are funding the abortion industry.

Are your investments supporting companies that promote abortion and pornography?

We understand how shocking it can be to discover that your investments have been supporting things that you hate. The S&P 500 index contains companies that pay for abortions, run pro-choice marketing campaigns, and even conduct destructive scientific experiments. The S&P 500 also contains companies that fund pornography.

Instead of owning companies that hurt children and families, your portfolio could be helping to save babies through pro-life counsel, dig clean water wells, provide Bibles to the persecuted church, end human slavery, and spread the hope of the gospel.

We have directed hundreds of people to sources of clean companies that do not contradict biblical values.

It’s time to invest wisely so you can hear, “Well done, good and faithful steward”!

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We show Christian investors what’s inside their portfolios so they know if their investments are supporting companies that fund abortion and pornography.


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